The Cook

Come discover an ancient Berber cuisine with Samira

Berber Kitchen

It’s Samira

Born into a Berber family in the Algiers region, I grew up in an environment where cooking was an integral part of everyday life.

As tradition dictated, I helped my mother, my older sisters, my aunts and my grandmother in preparing meals from an early age.
This inheritance handed down from mother to daughter for generations has made me want to perfect these recipes and to revisit some of them!
Discover with me this cuisine resulting from the mixture of Berber, Turkish and Arabic culinary traditions. which subtly combines the products of the earth, spices, salty and sweet for the pleasure of the senses! From couscous to vegetables or its sweet version with honey & raisins to tadjines through milk creams with orange blossom and rose without forgetting my famous fruit mousse date … a call to greed is so launched!
Waiting to delight your taste buds!


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